Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rosario Municipal Grid

THE PROPOSED ROSARIO MUNICIPAL GRID is a network of imaginary lines covering the Municipality of Rosario, Batangas and beginning somewhere northwest close to the Lipa Section of Munting Tubig Creek in the area around Pagolingin West and Anilao.

The southeast portion of the grid is located nearest to Laiya River. In fact, the Municipal Boundary Monument (M.B.M.) No. 13 along the southeast boundary of Palacpac is less than 5 kilometers from the shores of Sigayan Bay in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

Grid Squares
There are 7 longitudinal sections numbered 01 to 07 starting at 121°9'00"E and ending at 121°23'00"E. Each of these sections is 2 minutes wide and is divided into North-South sections 2 minutes long from 13°52'54.80"N to 13°41'00"N latitudes.

There are 31 quadrants or grid squares comprising the proposed municipal grid. Each square is 2 minutes wide and 2 minutes long with an area of about 1,329 hectares more or less.

Reference System
The grid squares are numbered first to the west (01 to 07), and then to the south (01 to 06). The main reason for this reference system is the location of the Poblacion area which is the northwestern portion of the municipality.

Consequently, grid squares are referenced by quoting the longitudinal section number, followed by the latitudinal section number. For example, the Poblacion area is mainly in Quadrant 02-02 while the Tombol Hill is straddling Quadrants 02-01 and 02-02.

Grid Location
The following table shows the location of each of the 31 quadrants in the proposed Rosario Municipal Grid:

GRID North South East West
01-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°11'00"E 121° 9'00"E
01-02 13°51'00"N 13°49'00"N 121°11'00"E 121° 9'00"E
01-03 13°49'00"N 13°47'00"N 121°11'00"E 121° 9'00"E
02-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°13'00"E 121°11'00"E
02-02 13°51'00"N 13°49'00"N 121°13'00"E 121°11'00"E
02-03 13°49'00"N 13°47'00"N 121°13'00"E 121°11'00"E
03-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°15'00"E 121°13'00"E
03-02 13°51'00"N 13°49'00"N 121°15'00"E 121°13'00"E
03-03 13°49'00"N 13°47'00"N 121°15'00"E 121°13'00"E
03-04 13°47'00"N 13°45'00"N 121°15'00"E 121°13'00"E
04-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°17'00"E 121°15'00"E
04-02 13°51'00"N 13°49'00"N 121°17'00"E 121°15'00"E
04-03 13°49'00"N 13°47'00"N 121°17'00"E 121°15'00"E
04-04 13°47'00"N 13°45'00"N 121°17'00"E 121°15'00"E
04-05 13°45'00"N 13°43'00"N 121°17'00"E 121°15'00"E
04-06 13°43'00"N 13°41'00"N 121°17'00"E 121°15'00"E
05-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°19'00"E 121°17'00"E
05-02 13°51'00"N 13°49'00"N 121°19'00"E 121°17'00"E
05-03 13°49'00"N 13°47'00"N 121°19'00"E 121°17'00"E
05-04 13°47'00"N 13°45'00"N 121°19'00"E 121°17'00"E
05-05 13°45'00"N 13°43'00"N 121°19'00"E 121°17'00"E
05-06 13°43'00"N 13°41'00"N 121°19'00"E 121°17'00"E
06-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°21'00"E 121°19'00"E
06-02 13°51'00"N 13°49'00"N 121°21'00"E 121°19'00"E
06-03 13°49'00"N 13°47'00"N 121°21'00"E 121°19'00"E
06-04 13°47'00"N 13°45'00"N 121°21'00"E 121°19'00"E
06-05 13°45'00"N 13°43'00"N 121°21'00"E 121°19'00"E
06-06 13°43'00"N 13°41'00"N 121°21'00"E 121°19'00"E
07-01 13°53'00"N 13°51'00"N 121°23'00"E 121°21'00"E
07-02 13°45'00"N 13°43'00"N 121°23'00"E 121°21'00"E
07-03 13°43'00"N 13°41'00"N 121°23'00"E 121°21'00"E

Global Positioning System
The Sustainable Development Action Officer in charge of the Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator is proposing this Rosario Municipal Grid for the purpose establishing a quick reference system based on the Rosario Cadastre 426-D to define the position of a point anywhere in the Municipality of Rosario which can be used in combination with a Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hunting Ground Rosario Batangas

THIS BLOG CHRONICLES OUR TRAVEL around Rosario Batangas in search of Provincial Boundary Monuments (PBM), Municipal Boundary Monuments (MBM), Barangay Boundary Monuments (BBM) and other landmarks scattered throughout the municipality that are useful reference points for map making.

Our goal is to produce an updated map of the Municipality of Rosario, Batangas using as bases the Tax Map of the Municipal Assessor's Office and the Rosario Cadastre Cad-426-D consisting of 9 cases.

We are using, for recording waypoints and tracks, the newly designed Garmin GPSMAP 62s handheld navigator featuring a 3-axis tilt-compensated compass and a barometric altimeter. This device supports Custom Maps, BirdsEye™ Satellite imagery (subscription required) and photo navigation. Rugged and waterproof, our GPSMAP 62s unit employs a quad helix antenna for "unparalleled reception, has a high-speed USB connection, a sleek new design and connects wirelessly to compatible Garmin handhelds" says the catalog description (Source:

Rosario Batangas is located at the south eastern portion of Batangas Province along with the south eastern boundaries of the province with Quezon Province. It is bounded on the north by Padre Garcia and Lipa City; on the south by the municipalities of Taysan and Lobo; east by the municipality of San Juan and Quezon Province and on the west by the municipality of Ibaan. The municipality belongs to the Fourth Congressional District of Batangas Province.

Land Area
The municipality has a total land area of 22,310.22 hectares based on the latest Impact Report (Assessor's Office of the Municipality of Rosario, Batangas, 2012). The town is divided into forty-eight (48) barangays. These barangays are conveniently grouped into eight clusters to enhance coordination of local government initiatives.

Barangays Poblacion A, Poblacion B, Poblacion C, Poblacion D and Poblacion E are the urban barangays of the municipality having a total land area of 103.12 hectares which constitute the Central Business District (CBD) of the municipality.

The remaining forty-three (43) barangays occupy the remaining area of 22,207.09 hectares. These are areas currently referred to as rural barangays.